Karachi: City of Lights.

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The city of lights always depicts shine,

Proceeds love and commodity at every time.

What a cluster of culture, it has,

Tells how to think and interact.

A splendid array of languages,

Which undocked Pakistani map.

Blend of Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi,

Which detached it from the rest.

Its people are exemplary creators,

Although they are discrete from each other.

Art, music and language diversity it has,

but relay the congruence of Karachi’s map.

Its every individual has separate belief,

But, Karachi is unique .


Ayesha Farhan.




Whenever I feel down,
my heart always found you around.
I still remember the school days
and those countless chocolates.
The realism of our friendship is too grand,
that it could never end.
You aren’t just my friend,
You’re an angel in my living land.
You always adore my little efforts,
And whip me in the origin of self-love.
The purity of our relationship would always be glint,
And in the name of benevolence,
We will always be sparkling.


Kashmir Violence.

70 years have passed, the atrocities in Indian held Kashmir are still ongoing. There was a time when innocent Kashmiris didn’t realize the significance of freedom, but after the ideology presented by Burhan want,  a great Kashmiri Muslim who started protesting and asked Kashmiris to create a way towards an independent life and its safeguard.
Indian forces were fearful due to Burhan’s theory, after a wide range of hardships and countless struggle Burhan was killed by Indian security forces on 8 July 2016.
This controversy isn’t a simple thing which could easily disrupt. It is ending thousands of lives. Sadly, our international organizations do not examine the protection of these virtuous people slaughtering by the Indian army.
This issue is nothing except contumacy of the Indian government. Literally whenever I saw any tremendous news, specifically the photographs in which Indian parliamentary forces used pellet guns, tear gas, shells, rubber bullets against the protesters asking for their rights I got scared.
Sometimes I thought this nightmare couldn’t be finished because the Indian government isn’t ready to accept this liability. Earlier, two days, I saw a private TV program in which the anchor exposed all the documents, photographs and video clips depicting the brutality of Indian soldiers on those blameless souls but one of the Indian journalists clearly opposed all the claims and proofs. Here we are.
It is the matter of contention which really needs a peaceful solution because such faultless people has to be a part of an independent state cause freedom is every human being living right. How could we forget the 1945 United Nations Charter:
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”.









Thinking of You. (Poetry)

The beauty of memories.
Lively in my heart.
The verses of your poetry,
Arousing in the waft.
Your feathered nature.
Shilling over paths.
Our old printed fingers
Persisting on the crystal glass.
Being with you was like a sparkling star.
Now it is seeking a galaxy in the dark.
Ah, my shattered soul
Querying for this broken heart.
Thinking of my mournful past.
Thinking of your grievous time pass.

Mournful (Poetry).


He was my adoration
But he left me,
As we weren’t in any spiritual blend.
Time passes,
And he discovered his own living land.
It was a bond,
Which wasn’t ready to disrupt my desirable plan.
Our story wasn’t seeming to end,
But it ends as it had to be ended.
Still, I’m waiting
For his ardent melodic song.
Even though,
I know this bond has bled in form of thorns.
All the petals of flowers,
Curled up and fallen in thunderstorms.
This soul is in thirst,
For that imperfect swain.
It wouldn’t
Be able to abandon the memories
Of his unfavorable attachments.



It’s your life (Poetry)

Society is superficial,
Let keep it aside.
You’re crazy at any spot.
You could be organized many times.
You aren’t anyone’s slave,
To do what others determine for your life.
People forwarded comments,
As they don’t know how to say right.
Disperse the ancient enactment,
Follow the lid of your own mind.
It’s your life,
It wouldn’t be described by the other’s viewpoint.

Dowry Custom.

What is a Dowry?
D- donkey
O- of the first order
W- who can’t stand on their own feet
R- rely on their wife’s riches
Y- yet shameless.
Unfortunately, this dowry set-up is considered as the traditional value of our society. Thousands of girls remain vestal due to the ideology of dowry. Only a daughter’s father can value the signification of money of the which he aligned the long list of materials on the name of this dowry.
While research I endowed various stories of suicides and murders happened due to this dowry’s theory. Many girls killed by their in-laws because they haven’t been able to please their lavishness for countless desirable things.
dowry main
In September 2013, four Pakistani sisters pledged suicide because their father was incapable to spruce up dowries for them to get married. Even though we have anti-dowry laws 1967, 1978 and 1988 but despite these laws,  this dowry culture is still practicing and no one could imagine a marriage without this.
Many people complain that the police refuse to register FIR against dowry obsession. This culture isn’t concerned with laws anymore because there is a need to stop this through our own mindset.
If really someone quotes the example of Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him as he gave dowry to his daughter Hazrat Fatima R.A so they should remember that it was just comprised of two bowls. In today’s world, this crappy theory has turned marriage into a burden to a daughter’s father.
If we really tried so we could ease the Sunnah of Nikah by acknowledging the surcease of dowry. According to a report Pakistan discerns 2000 dowry-related deaths per year. In such cases, there are a huge number of girls who don’t want to tolerate the assault and feel helpless to struggle for the continuity of their marriages and committed suicide.
It is also the responsibility of the groom to deny the acceptance of dowry by his in-laws. He has to be so much ample through his mind, he should say that I’m enough for my favorite wife, I could manage all the outlay of your girl. But sadly, our grooms said we wouldn’t say no if they’ll give endowed dowry to their daughters.
On the other hand, it is also the concern of parents to stop thinking about the satisfaction of their daughter’s in-laws more than their daughter’s life safeguards.
Why 95% parents give dowry by their own, they have to stop this practice by breakup the rational thoughts. Now our generation, specifically our youth is broad-minded, it has to work out against this ancient proceed. If they would adopt a change in their acumen so it will be easy for all of us to diminish the countless disputed points begin from this social order.
Maa baap ka Ghar bik jata hai.
Jb ye rasme jehez ada hoti hai.